LupineSystems is a privately-owned provider of affordable e-mail and web hosting; particularly to members of the furry and therianthropy communities.  Currently, hosting is provided on an invitation-only basis.

Shadow started LupineSystems (originally called as an experiment in running his own server.  This experiment took the form of an old laptop sitting under the desk, using a home cable modem connection and DynDNS to deal with the dynamic IP.  It sucked, but it worked nonetheless.

In time, moved to the least expensive VPS host on the 'Net.  This was a step up in many ways, but Shadow quickly learned that when it comes to hosting, one gets what one pays for.  To avoid costly litigation, we'll refrain from mentioning that host by name, but after a year or so, the quality of their service went from tolerable to almost nonexistent, so another move was made to KickAss VPS.  Their service was excellent, so we stayed with them for several years.  It was during this time that Shadow changed the name of the site to something a little less self-centered, hence LupineSystems.  More recently, KickAss VSP was acquired by Liquid Web, our current host, so another move was made.  So far, we've been happy with their service and support.

LupineSystems currently provides web hosting, e-mail, and the AwooNet Mastodon instance.  In the past we have also provided image hosting and an IRC server.


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