We define "spam" as any unsolicited e-mail of a commercial, political, religious, fraudulent, or harassing nature.  In addition, any e-mail intended to disrupt or "flood" the service is also considered spam.

At LupineSystems, we hate spam every bit as much as you do.  To that end, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy for dealing with spammers who attempt to use our services, whether they are sending spam to our servers, or attempting to use our servers to send spam.

All communications with our mail servers are logged, with the exception of the body contents of the mail itself.  We reserve the right to use these logs to pursue legal action, should we choose to do so.

If you are receiving spam from a LupineSystems account, please notify us at once, and we will investigate the issue promptly.  Please note that we require copies of the spam e-mails in order to perform our investigation and confirm that a violation has indeed taken place.  We will request these copies (forwarded as attachments to preserve the message headers) during our correspondence with you.

This investigation will include the following steps:

  1. Notify the user and restrict the user to webmail-only access (POP, SMTP, and IMAP access will be disabled).  This will significantly hinder a spammer's ability to send bulk e-mail, as they will be unable to automate the process, but will not prevent the user from sending or receiving e-mail using our service.
  2. Review the server logs and statistics data for the user in question.  We will be looking for unusually large volumes of outgoing mail to an unusually broad assortment of addresses.  We will also verify the spam messages you provide against our logs at this time.
  3. Upon confirmation that a user has been sending spam, we will terminate the offending account immediately.  If we cannot confirm that a user has been sending spam, the user's account will be restored to normal operation.

Depending on the findings of our investigation, we may, at our discretion, choose to pursue legal action against the spammer, in addition to any legal action you may choose to pursue.

LupineSystems has the following anti-spam measures in place on our mail servers:

As a result, our users enjoy an almost spam-free experience with our service.  None of these measures are perfect, however, and some spam may get through, and some non-spam mail may be delayed or blocked.

If you are having trouble sending e-mail to one of our users, please check the following:

  • Are your servers are listed in AbuseIPDB or in any of the DNSBL services we use?
  • Are the Reverse PTR (reverse DNS lookup) records for your mail servers correct?
  • Are SPF and DKIM set up correctly in your DNS records?
  • Do your servers handle graylisting (400-series errors) correctly?  (A 400-series error means "wait, then try again later," not "give up and bounce" or "try again right now.")

Finally, any attempt to circumvent or compromise the security or anti-spam measures on this server may result in criminal prosecution.  Just don't.

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