Welcome to LupineSystems!

We've recently completed a server move, and have decided to take this opportunity to rebuild the site from scratch. As you can see, we're rather light on content at the moment, but things should improve in the coming weeks.

Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned!

We're up!

...well, mostly.

After going much too long with only a 'coming soon' page, I finally have the main site back up and running.  I know, it's about time.

At least other services on LupineSystems got transferred to the new host with only minimal disruption as it took a bit for DNS changes to propagate, and I have a new service coming online soon that I'm really excited about.  Actually, it's already online- I just need to put the finishing touches on it before opening it to the public.

Many thanks, and take care!

- Shadow  ^n.n^